10 Positive Ways To Always Look On The Bright Side

Life is full of obstacles. It’s unavoidable, and we all have our own different ways of dealing with it. Some are optimistic and choose to see the positive side in every problem. Others see only the negative, preferring to avoid all difficulties for fear of failing, not realizing they already did without trying.  

How you choose to handle those tough situations can make a big difference on whether you succeed or fail. And I’m sure deep down, you already know what that special ingredient is to a fruitful and happy life.

It’s Positivity.

That’s right. Just ask any successful businessman, and they’ll tell you the same. And if that isn’t enough of a good reason for you, there is also evidence that show how being positive can affect your health in a good way. So if you’re ready to make some improvements to your life, here are some tips on how you can do so.

1) Draw inspiration from someone you look up to

We all have someone in our lives that we look up to and want to be, whether we know it or not. It’s what shapes our personality and gives us motivation to be even better. It can be an optimistic hero from a story that never gives up against overwhelming odds or someone in your life, perhaps your mother, who struggles with two jobs and can still come home to give you a goodnight kiss and a smile. So if you haven’t done so already, find out who your inspirational figures are. Their actions and examples can encourage you to be a better person.

2) Set a positive mindset & block out all the negatives

The first step to tackling any problem is to be positive. I can’t stress this enough (pun intended). Don’t allow any negative energy to build up around you and crush your spirit before you even start. One way you can do that is to clear all doubts and pep talk yourself just before doing a difficult task. An example is repeating the words “I can do this” to yourself. This will help put you in the right mind and have you more focused and positive.

3) Stand up and move about

If you ever find yourself stuck with a particular problem, take a break. Stand up and move about. Go for a short walk around the park or do some simple stretching exercises. The idea is to get rid of some of the stress and get those juices flowing. Sitting around worrying about your problem isn’t going to get anything done. When your mind is better rested, the solution will present itself.

4) Make a clear plan on how to tackle a problem

No matter how optimistic you try to be, if you don’t have a plan on how you’re going to solve a task, then you’re not going to get very far. In fact, you may end up making the situation worse. To avoid that, make sure you understand what you’re facing first, plan ahead, then work on the solution. There’s no point in removing a flat tire at the side of the highway, only to realize you’re not carrying a spare in your trunk. Okay, okay, that was a little exaggerated, but you get the idea.     

5) Surround yourself in a positive environment

Believe it or not, the people that you hang out with, your surroundings and your interests can all affect your mindset and change the way you handle problems in life. It’s important to take note of what’s influencing you in a negative way and make the right changes to your lifestyle. Be around friends who are always happy and cheerful, and try to keep your interests on things that are beneficial, such as sports. And if stress is getting to you, try the A.R.T method. It’ll help clear your mind and attract positive energy into your life.

Glass half full
Are you a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person?

6) Learn to be patient

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to take things down a notch and work at a slower pace. Sure, it may seem difficult to do so when you’re met with tight deadlines and growing stress, but you can learn to control all that anxiety through breathing techniques and simple meditation. By doing this, you’ll put yourself in a more relaxed state and be able to approach a problem more clearly and carefully. Someone who is always rushing to get things done is only going to make mistakes and get themselves stressed, and that will lead to them being negative when their expectations aren’t met.

7) Be realistic and learn to let go

Being optimistic can be a good thing, but being overly optimistic is basically setting yourself up for failure. Don’t bite off more than you can chew by jumping into a pool and expecting to do 10 laps when you don’t even know how to swim. Know your limits. And if you are ever faced with a task that seems impossible, see if you can tackle it from a different angle first, perhaps breaking down the problem and solving it in steps or seeking help from a friend. If all else fails, set the problem aside for the time being. Worrying about it isn’t going to solve it.

8) Accept that criticisms are a part of life

In order to accomplish anything, you must first come to terms with the fact that no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone in the world. There’s bound to be someone who will shoot down your ideas and criticize every little thing you do, so there’s no point in worrying about it. Instead, what you can do is to identify whether a criticism has merit and use it as an opportunity to improve, and if not, erase it from your mind and move on. Don’t dwell on the negative.

9) Improve your self-esteem

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that confidence is a very important attribute, and a key factor to becoming an optimistic person. It’s a requirement for almost everything we do, from asking someone out on a date to making a big speech in front of a crowd. But in order to have that positive trait, you must first be content with yourself. There’s no point in tackling problems when you’re already feeling down and filled with self doubt.

So, how do you boost your self-esteem? Well, first, stop comparing yourself with others. Most people get caught up trying to look exactly like those models in magazines that they start getting depressed when they can’t achieve that “perfect” image. Instead, simply be happy with who you are. Set a realistic goal for yourself, such as becoming fit and healthy, and work towards it. You can try yoga. In time, you’ll see a happier person looking back at you in the mirror.

10) Start your day by being positive

Your morning is the most important part of the day. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed and dreading about all that office work piled on your desk is just going to make you feel miserable the rest of the day. Those negative energy that you created will follow you around like a pesky rain cloud. But if you wake up with a positive attitude and a desire to greet the day, you’ll be setting the right optimistic mood to take on any problem ahead.

One way to ensure that you wake up fresh and positive in the morning is to sleep early the night before. It may seem like such an obvious solution, but many still don’t follow this simple practice and end up sleeping late. Don’t fall into this trap. We adults need 7-9 hours of good sleep, so plan your night accordingly unless you want to wake up grumpy the next day.


I hope these simple tips will serve you well. I’ve been living by them and it’s certainly been a big help to me. Being optimistic isn’t really that hard once you know what to do and willing to make a few changes to your life. Once you start seeing the positive in all things, life does become a much easier and happier experience.

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